Nana for Vice-President!

Despite the change in hairstyle, there is no concealing the fact that John McCain’s running mate for the forthcoming US Presidential Elections is none other than Greek cantatrice and 1970s eurovision icon, Nana Mouskouri. Perhaps we should have been told.

7 Responses to “Nana for Vice-President!”

  1. Um, not sure if it’s a joke or not, but you have a chirality issue in the caption order. Or is that simple symmetry? I’m an observer, not a theorist! 🙂

    And with that, welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. It’s what we call a “joke”

  3. They could do a whole lot worse. A lot of people were curious that Ms Mouskouri had been invited to perform at the opening of the Welsh Opera House (aka Wales Millennium Centre or the mollusc by the Bay) a few years ago. But when she sang “Ar hyd y nos” – flawless Welsh with a hint of Greek accent – wow!

    In fairness I’ve never heard Ms Palin sing in Welsh or any other language come to that. She might be OK, I mean, everyone’s got to have a talent for something ‘te?

  4. That´s it-Nana for US President-ouppa-it will bee very Human,Lovely and Rigth for all humans. She´s very deligth and Happy for this Question…. I beg Her to do do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. telescoper Says:


  6. What vile slander of the excellent ms Mouskouri!

    Anyway, I’m sure she’s had enough of politics after being a Euro-MP. I wouldn’t object to her being president of Greece, though. (Not that I know if Greece has a constitutional figurehead after they got rid of the king and then the junta.)

  7. telescoper Says:

    I saw Nana Mouskouri in concert last October as part of her farewell. I thought she was great, but I’m not sure I like her new comedy act.

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