Shameless Self-promotion

On Wednesday (15th October) I’m going to be travelling up to the East Midlands in order to deliver this year’s prestigious Flamsteed Lecture at the University of Derby. It’s very nice to be asked to give this year’s lecture, especially when there have been so many distinguished speakers in this series the past, including Sir Martin (now Lord) Rees and my thesis supervisor John Barrow. The University of Derby has done a very nice press release describing my talk to go with the nice poster, so I’ll leave it at that.

2 Responses to “Shameless Self-promotion”

  1. […] Midlands yesterday I travelled to Derby yesterday to give the annual Flamsteed Lecture, named in honour of John Flamsteed who was born in Derby and was the first Astronomer Royal. I was […]

  2. […] I got this picture this morning from the University of Derby. It was taken at the end of my lecture there last week. The chap on the left of the picture is Jonathan Powers, who is a former pro-vice […]

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