Powers and the Playhouse

I got this picture this morning from the University of Derby. It was taken at the end of my lecture there last week. The chap on the left of the picture is Jonathan Powers, who is a former pro-vice chancellor of the University of Derby and who introduced my lecture as well as generally acting as master of ceremonies. He’s a very knowledgeable and genial fellow with a huge range of interests.

Over drinks after the talk he told me how he had recently become involved with a campaign to save the historic Derby Playhouse which was recently put into administration and is in danger of demolition if the current rescue package doesn’t work out.

I promised to put in a plug for the campaign, but forgot to do so until the photograph reminded me. You can keep in touch with the campaign and hopefully get involved by visiting their website here.

One Response to “Powers and the Playhouse”

  1. The guy on the right is Peter Coles, who I have for a 1st year Astrophysics ecture at Cardiff University. He’s a fantastically intelligent guy who is quite unassuming and down to Earth as well. I’d like to meet Professor Powers, he sounds like an interesting man.

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