Close-up Cat

12-05-08_2011My friend Dave (former custodian of Columbo) sent me this picture, taken while said moggy was temporarily lodging at Dave’s house before I got mine sorted out.  Columbo seems to like lying on desks. He often sits like that in my study too. It’s quite nice to have him there when you’re working, but there is sometimes a problem when he decides to go walkabout all over the keyboard…




Anyway, this snap reminded me that I haven’t posted anything about him for a while so here’s a quick report.

Columbo is doing fine, although I don’t think he likes the cold weather very much. He always used to like drinking  rainwater out of plant pots and the like, but these days these are often frozen solid. He’s not exactly Brain of Britain, so he gets a bit confused that the stuff that should be water seems to be something different.

Before Christmas I decided I was a bit fed up with having his litter tray in the kitchen. It’s not very nice to have to watch him taking a dump when you’re having your dinner. I therefore bought a posh outside toilet for him to use (essentially a litter tray with a roof on it, and a door in the front). He seems to like it, although it does make him go out in the cold when he wants a poo. It seems to have done the trick, though, because he hasn’t committed any indiscretions in the house.

Other than that he seems to be doing fine. I’m looking forward to the spring when he can have a bit more fun in the garden, but in the present arctic climate that seems quite a long way off!

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