The Art of Sheep

In case you’re wondering how people pass the time at the weekend here in Wales, get a load of this. It may be the strangest thing you’ve ever seen men do with sheep, but I think it’s wonderful. ..

Only in Wales!

6 Responses to “The Art of Sheep”

  1. I knew you’d like those sheep.

  2. Shear brilliance!

    If the sped-up long-shots are just time-lapse and not faked (spot the cynic), then that one of the most fabulous things I’ve ever seen. And it’s yet more evidence that, whilst having the initial idea is important, the difference between conception and implementation is huge. How many out-takes must they have where the dogs got bored or some rogue sheep split the Pong “ball” apart? And what has become of all those LEDs now? This’ll be in the London Metro within the week and on the news within a fortnight.


  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    And I thought counting sheep was supposed to send you to sleep…



    PS How soon before cyclists are wearing those LED jackets at night? Or anybody governed by Health and Safety regulations?

  4. agodcalledfred Says:

    “Yet more evidence that, whilst having the initial idea is important…”

    Get the flock out of here! Baa humbug. The initial idea was everything – as a cheap cartoon, this would still be magnificent.

  5. telescoper Says:

    The more I see the way sheep behave the more I think they must follow very simple rules. Clearly at some level they like to stick together (rule 1) and when a dangerous animal comes close they move directly away from it with a speed inversely dependent on the proximity of the perceived danger (rule 2). Sheepdogs are clearly wolves as far as the sheep are concerned, which is how they get them to move about. The dogs can split up the flock by playing these two rules against each other. I’m sure it’s quite easy to simulate on a computer although nowhere near as much fun as this!

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