Neville Dickie

Just a quick post in response to a suggestion from a friend:I do requests on here, but only if they’re asked for.

Neville Dickie was born in County Durham in 1937 and did national service in the RAF around the same time as my Dad. He’s still going strong, playing lovely jazz mainly in the Harlem stride piano style of the 1920s with those infectiously bouncing left-hand tenths.

Here is he recorded in 2007 with Danny Coots on drums or, rather, drum. They’re playing a lovely tune by the great Jelly Roll Morton called Wolverine Blues.

The sound balance isn’t great but I think it’s a wonderful version of a classic bit of good time Jazz.

Take it away Mr Dickie!

3 Responses to “Neville Dickie”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I guessed wrong that you might be too much a jazz purist to appreciate such people. This is the first mention of the name I have heard since listening to Jimmy Young on radio 40 years ago! Nice to know who Neville Dickie is and that he’s still alive. (I used to go to the Syd Lawrence Orchestra too, a Glenn Miller revival outfit.)

    • telescoper Says:


      I like lots of different types of music, even within Jazz. I like Neville Dickie’s playing and I admire people like him for keeping the older forms of Jazz alive. There were many great Harlem stride pianists, including James P. Johnson, Willie “The Lion” Smith and the great Fats Waller who contributed a rich treasury of twentieth century piano music.


      And this particularly number had me tapping my feet right from the word go!

  2. What an oustanding duo neville and danny make. I do hope we hear more of them. One does not hear many stride pianists these days –
    so refreshing to hesr its a tonic!

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