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Space Time

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I thought anyone reading my rather gloomy recent posts could probably do with a laugh so I thought I’d put this up.

These clips contain a short item  I did about nine or ten years ago for the BBC series Space, which was presented by Sam Neill. Originally we were going to demonstrate wormholes using a snooker table, clever editing and reversed video. The producer, Jeremy,  decided that wouldn’t look spectacular enough so instead we went to St Anton in Austria: I was flown over the Alps in a helicopter and then driven through the Arlberg tunnel in an impressively fast car. Well worth the cost to license fee payers, I’m sure, even if the three-day trip to Austria by me and a crew of six as well as the hire of the helicopter ended up as a mere three minutes of screen time…

The episode I was in, the last of 6 in the series, was called To Boldly Go. I remember suggesting to the producer that the only way to travel faster than light in the manner required was with a split infinitive drive, but they didn’t use that in the final script.

Notice how, in the helicopter sequence, I give the appearance of being completely terrified. A fine piece of acting by me, I thought. *Cough*

Unfortunately my bit is quite a long way into the first clip, so you need to wait until about 09.00, and it runs over the join into the second clip

The item is daft, I know, and I don’t really believe any of that stuff about wormholes… but it was great fun doing it.