The Anachronic Jazz Band

I heard a record by this band ages and ages ago (probably in the 70s) and was delighted to be reminded of them by finding this little clip on Youtube. It’s a bit of an oddity, but I think it’s  both fun and fascinating.

The Anachronic Jazz Band is, I think, now defunct but they were from Paris originally. The style they played in could probably be described as like the New York style of the late 1920s, with definite touches of Bix Beiderbecke. On the other hand, the tunes they played all came from the era of modern jazz, such as this one which is the Charlie Parker classic Anthropology. I’ve already posted a version of it  by Bud Powell, in fact..

You might think that an uncompromising bebop number like this would pose unsurmountable challenges for a traditional jazz outfit, but I think they pull it off rather well. I think though that they were probably helped by the fact that this tune, like many modern jazz compositions, is actually based on a chord progression belonging to a much more familiar tune. In this case the harmonies actually derive from George Gershwin’s standard I Got Rhythm….

Anyway, perhaps the efforts of this fine little band go some way to showing that there’s more continuity between traditional and modern jazz than one might suppose…

4 Responses to “The Anachronic Jazz Band”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Thanks for the last para Peter; I’ll stick with anachronistic jazz bands!

  2. Hi,

    a compendium of the Anachronic Jazz Band’s music entitled “Anthropology” is currently available in France and probably elsewhere. You can purchase it here, among other websites: ttp://

    I am looking for similar, big brass, Dixieland-like kind of music. Can you recommend any bands, contemporary or of old?


  3. kevin morris Says:

    I got my edition of Anthropology from Amazon France and it is a treasured posession. I agree with you that they pull the whole thing off rather well. In fact they tell me things about the originals I hadn’t realised. It’s funny isn’t it how at the time bebop came out it seemed a revolutionary step, yet now it’s just part of that great continuity that is jazz. Thanks Anachronics for your beautiful interpretations!

  4. Anachronic Jazz Band will reunite for a concert in Bayonne France Friday, January 25, 2013.
    A new CD is expected as a result of this concert. (in french)
    If you like Anachronic Jazz Band stay tuned to the jipiblog

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