Just  in case you’ve had the misfortune to sit through the tedious spectacle that is the annual Eurovision song contest,  let this be a reminder that Eurovision wasn’t always synonymous with utter garbage…

4 Responses to “Eurovision”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    But we should remember that we are guaranteed one good tune in the Eurovision Song Contest every year: the Eurovision theme played at the start and end of the broadcasts is the Prelude from the Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

    For me, it’s the only bit of contest worth listening to.

  2. telescoper Says:

    The whole contest is Tedium if you ask me.

  3. i don’t understand why you people don’t understand other people..i personally don’t like opera music..classical instrumental maybe a bit. maybe eurovision is tedious because big pop hits are usually launched from outside the contest. pop music comes from “popular” which means familiar to the big mass of greek language is is also the popular version, not the ancient one. doesn’tthis mean a thing? opera music doesn’t touch my solu even a bit..though i understand,trying myself that’s a kind of performance to sing opera..we don’t judge opera..fair play would be not to judge pop as “garbage” ..thanks 😉

    • telescoper Says:

      Sorry, but the Eurovision song contest is, in my opinion, garbage. Fair play is to allow you to express your opinion, which I have now done. 😉

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