Honey, Suck My Nose

I got home this evening to find that the honeysuckle along one side of my garden had burst into flower and was filling the air with beautiful scents.  Unfortunately, it looks like our little heatwave is on the wane so I might not be able to sit outside in the balmy air enjoying the aromas for much longer. It’s nice they chose to open out today though; it was like a birthday present that arrived a day early.

I think Tennyson would have approved:

Come into the garden, Maud,
     For the black bat, night, has flown,
Come into the garden, Maud,
     I am here at the gate alone ;
And the woodbine spices are wafted abroad,
     And the musk of the rose is blown.

I already mentioned yesterday that I have beautiful roses in full bloom on the other side of the garden, so I just couldn’t resist posting a version of the Jazz standard Honeysuckle Rose. This one is by the great Errol Garner, who I posted about not long ago, and features one of his characteristically offbeat introductions followed by his usual delightful improvisation.

One Response to “Honey, Suck My Nose”

  1. […] The cat that visits Columbo wears a collar and is friendly enough to let me look for her name on it, but there isn’t one there. I’ve decided to call her Maud, because she comes into the garden. […]

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