Audio Video Disco


This scary picture is taken from an interactive exhibit in the Weller Galleries of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, which opened in 2007. The exhibit, I mean, not the Royal Observatory. I remember going down there to record the video segments, but had forgotten all about it until somebody found this image on the net and drew my attention to it.

The exhibit consists of a series of display screens with various astronomical and cosmological concepts and questions on them, along with appropriate images. Visitors touch the screens to bring up the video segments in which distinguished astronomers (or me) attempt to provide explanations.

The lady to the bottom right is probably providing a sign language translation of my contribution. Or she could simply be screaming and waving her hands in terror. Wouldn’t you?

PS. If you want an explanation of the title of this blog post, I’ll translate Audio Video Disco from the latin for you. It means “I hear, I see, I learn”. Since they have to touch the screen, I might have added “I touch” which would be Tango….

3 Responses to “Audio Video Disco”

  1. Disco, like tunneling, has taken on a new meaning after reading your blog!

    • telescoper Says:

      It’s not really a new meaning, it’s a very old one!

      Disco is the first person singular form of the present tense of the Latin verb discere meaning “to learn”. It’s the root of many English words such as “discover” and “disciple”.

  2. telescoper Says:

    Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:

    No time for a new post today, but since a colleague of mine told me this morning that the video mentioned in this post is still on show in Greenwich I thought Id reblog this old post from 2009…

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