Birthday Blog

It’s crept up on me and I wouldn’t have noticed unless it had been pointed out to me last week. Today, 16th September, is the anniversary of my first ever blog post, so today is this blog’s first birthday.

On behalf of Columbo and myself I thought I’d take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed with comments, questions, corrections for my numerous errors, and incoming links which have helped increase my readership to the stratospheric level of 300 hits a day.

Columbo himself was particularly excited by the news of this blog’s birthday, as you can tell from the picture below.


In case you’re interested, the most popular post of the year was this one, with more hits than any other by an enormous factor. I realise that I could raise this blog’s profile further by adding similar off-colour content involving sexual innuendo, but I refuse to descend to such a level and will instead celebrate by showing a picture of a hot pussy.


One Response to “Birthday Blog”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Great camouflage for Columbo in the first pic!

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