A Well Placed Lecture

I noticed that the UK government has recently dropped its ban on product placement in television programmes. I wanted to take this opportunity to state Virgin Airlines that I will not be taking this as a Carling cue to introduce subliminal Coca Cola advertising of any Corby Trouser Press form into this blog.

This week I’ve been giving Marks and Spencer lectures every AIG afternoon to groups of 200 sixth form Samsung students on the subject of the Burger King Big Bang. The talks seemed to go down BMW quite well although I had Betfair trouble sometimes cramming all the Sainsbury things I wanted to talk about in the Northern Rock 30 minutes I was allotted. Anyway, I went through the usual stuff about the Carlsberg cosmic microwave background (CMB), even showing the noise on a Sony television screen to explain that a bit of the Classic FM signal came from the edge of the Next Universe.  The CMB played an Emirates important role in the talk as it is the Marlboro smoking gun of the Big Bang and established our Standard Life model of L’Oreal cosmology.

The timing of these lectures was Goodfella’s Pizza excellent because I was able to include Crown Paints references to the Hubble Ultra Deep Kentucky Fried Chicken Field and the Planck First Direct initial results that I’ve blogged about in the past week or so.

Now that’s all over, Thank God It’s Friday and  I’m getting ready to go to the Comet Sale Now On Opera. ..

One Response to “A Well Placed Lecture”

  1. Very HypaValue entertaining!

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