The Monster Mash

I explained this time last year how I’m not really a big fan of Halloween and don’t tend to celebrate it. However, I decided to make an exception this year and post the following little video which seems to be appropriate for the occasion. It’s made of bits of old horror B-movies but the music – by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-kickers is actually the second single I ever bought, way back in 1973. I wonder if you can guess what the first one was?

5 Responses to “The Monster Mash”

  1. George Darcy Says:

    The video reminds me of the last family wedding I went to.

  2. telescoper Says:

    Oh! Mr Darcy! Hold your tongue.

  3. Was it Big Bopper?

  4. That could not have been a year ago!

    Time is irritating.

    I suspect you’re at least secretly liking Halloween a bit more now. I wonder if it’s love of the treats, or fear of the tricks, though….

  5. telescoper Says:


    I’m not liking it any more, but I do know that I’m going out tonight so won’t be in if and when the trick-or-treaters come round!


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