Owing to foreseen circumstances I’m going to be spending the next few days enjoying the hospitality (geddit?) of our wonderful National Health Service which is the envy of the civilised world (and America).

Normal services will be resumed as soon as possible but, for the time being, there will now follow a short intermission.

14 Responses to “Interlude”

  1. i bet you can’t resist blogging from your hospital bed 😉

    hope it goes well, whatever it might be…

  2. Makes me want to start a new hobby…

    Speedy recovery Peter.

  3. Adrian Burd Says:


    I hope all is well and my thoughts are with you. Have a speedy recovery from whatever ails you.


  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    Scheduled downtime for maintenance… get well soon!

  5. I hope you’re ok and recover soon.

  6. I wonder if the NHS’s frivolous expenses budget covers WIFI?

  7. Are you sure you haven’t been hospitalized due to the shock of taking over as director of postgraduate studies? Seriously, get well soon

  8. telescoper Says:

    Dear All,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I feel a bit of a fraud because I should have probably made it clearer that it was all very routine and nothing to worry about.

    In fact it was done very efficiently and I’m back home earlier than anticipated, although I did nearly get lost this morning in the labyrinthine depths of the Heath hospital.

    I didn’t really get much sleep last night and am therefore going to have a nice afternoon nap. Back to work tomorrow!


  9. What about a new thread or some other mechanism for questions to Peter Coles which might be interesting to other readers, with the possibility for others to reply (hence a thread rather than sending a personal email, which perhaps should be reserved for more important stuff)?

    I’ll start. 🙂

    While looking for something else (from Harrison), I ran across Coles, Ellis and Harrison. I was familiar with both Coles and Ellis, but this one (in the American Journal of Physics, IIRC) was new to me (I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where there was a subscription to this journal, and the text is apparently not available online). As Edward Harrison is one of my heros, I’m curious as to a) what is in the paper and b) how he came to be involved.

    • telescoper Says:


      I’ve now downloaded the article you mentioned and it is indeed a book review. Quite a nice one actually!


  10. “I was familiar with both Coles and Ellis” should read “I was familiar with both ‘Coles and Ellis’ works on the low-density universe” (i.e. the Nature paper and the book).

    Also, “heroes” instead of “heros”.

  11. telescoper Says:

    Dear Phillip,

    I’ll have to check when I get back to the office but I’m pretty sure that paper is a review of our book done by Ed Harrison. We certainly never wrote a paper with him, and the length (only 2 pages) suggests it was a just a review.


  12. Do you have a link for downloading it? I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

    • telescoper Says:


      You can get it here, but I think it’s behind a paywall.

      If you can’t get it there you will have to rely on a kindly soul emailing it to you.


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