The Known Universe

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas and it’s still very cold here in Cardiff, although so far at least we’ve escaped the snow. I’ve been putting my feet up, watching the football (Newcastle 2 Middlesborough 0) and doing the Christmas crosswords in the newspapers and magazines (haven’t finished Azed yet, it’s a toughie). Anyway, I don’t want to let this self-indulgence stop me from posting something so how about this marvellous little video produced by the American Museum of Natural History. It’s already been posted on a few other blogs, but hopefully a few of you won’t have seen it. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “The Known Universe”

  1. We got to see these data as a special show in the Musuem’s planetarium during the Amaldi conference earlier this year. It was fantastic!

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  3. If anyone was wondering why this post was in Times New Roman, I don’t know either.

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