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Bring me Sunshine

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If all goes to plan I’ll be in Newcastle with my folks when this  post hits the wordpress. This one comes to you courtesy of the autoschedule feature which I’ve never used before. I hope it works!

It’s been a pretty grim year for many people I know  for many reasons but, although I’m very angry about the mess being made by people in authority, I’m still determined to have a good time during this holiday. If you let them get to you then the bastards have won. That’s a lesson I learned earlier this year, in fact.

So I’m going to wish you all the merriest possible Christmas and the happiest imagineable New Year by putting up a clip that’s associated in my memory with this season even more strongly than Handel’s Messiah. The event on Christmas Day for me when I was younger was always the Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special, which in 1977 attracted 27 million viewers (half the UK population of the time).This is their signature tune, which I hope will bring a smile to your face along with the happy memories.

Merry Christmas!