Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 1

The other evening, when I was watching Miss Marple on TV, I was struck by the remarkable resemblance between the eponymous detective (now played by Julia McKenzie) and Professor Andy Fabian, the President of the Royal Astronomical Society. I wonder if by any chance they might be related?

This isn’t the only example I can bring to mind of a famous astronomer or cosmologist who bears a strong resemblance to someone famous outside their own sphere, so I’ve decided to run a series of astronomy look-alikes which I’ll post from time to time when I can’t think of anything better to do. You have been warned!

Julia McKenzie

Andy Fabian

Andy Fabian

2 Responses to “Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 1”

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  2. Rhodri Evans Says:

    I agree the resemblance is uncanny. Siblings maybe?

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