(Physics and) Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 4

Oh go on then, it’s raining outside so here’s one more.

Has anyone ever noticed the resemblance between former musician, now particle physicist and media star Professor Brian Cox , and the Cat in the Hat from the Dr Seuss Books? Apart from the hat, that is…

6 Responses to “(Physics and) Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 4”

  1. It’s somewhat within astronomy, but I always thought that Ralph Neuhäuser” looks like across between myself and my former colleague in Hamburg Rainer Kayser.

  2. OK, Peter, you started it. Is it
    Rocky Kolb
    Tom Selleck
    Ron Jeremy or Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

  3. Alan Heavens Says:

    Coles and Ford. Your public demands it!

  4. […] I have done a look-alike for Prof. Cox […]

  5. I did a Brian Cox look alike in 2008. Yertiz. I think this is where astro looky-likeys started … all down to Omar Almaini.

  6. Did I bugger that link up ? Try again

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