(Physics and) Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 4

Oh go on then, it’s raining outside so here’s one more.

Has anyone ever noticed the resemblance between former musician, now particle physicist and media star Professor Brian Cox , and the Cat in the Hat from the Dr Seuss Books? Apart from the hat, that is…

4 Responses to “(Physics and) Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 4”

  1. Alan Heavens Says:

    Coles and Ford. Your public demands it!

  2. […] I have done a look-alike for Prof. Cox […]

  3. I did a Brian Cox look alike in 2008. Yertiz. I think this is where astro looky-likeys started … all down to Omar Almaini.

  4. Did I bugger that link up ? Try again

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