Louis Balfour Presents…

As you probably noticed, I’m studiously avoiding posting anything serious until the holidays are over so as to avoid spoiling anyone’s New Year with even more bad news. I’ll get back to the doom and gloom shortly, of course. However, in the meantime, here’s a clip of the man who taught me everything I know about Jazz, the great Louis Balfour. I didn’t manage to acquire his dress sense or hairstyle though.

Now, does anyone know how to buy a subscription to Wrong Note magazine?

One Response to “Louis Balfour Presents…”

  1. Don’t know about Wrong Note, but let me recommend Mojo for those interested in rock music—in the broadest possible context. Having said that, it does cover blues, folk, jazz, electronica, Americana, world music, reggae, crooners, old-time music, rap, soul, pop etc etc. I’ve dipped into various music magazines (Rolling Stone, NME, Sounds etc from time to time, but, apart from the odd article, didn’t think them worth pursuing. I subscribed to Mojo several years ago and it is probably my favourite reading of the magazines (8 or so) I subscribe to.


    The current web page advertises a competition to win a membership to Ronnie Scott’s. Peter will enjoy the crossword in every issue (with a nice prize). The only one I completed was when I was in hospital. It took me about 3 hours, even with internet access (is that cheating?). Not the “north African river with 4 letters” stuff, but rather somewhat more challenging.

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