That Lucky Old Sun

I used to have a wonderful old record of this tune by Louis Armstrong which I loved to bits (you can hear it here if you’re interested), and it’s actually one of the tunes on a CD my Dad recorded many years ago, but I found this spellbinding version by the great Ray Charles and it’s become my favourite rendition. If you like it half as much as I do, then I like it twice as much as you…

2 Responses to “That Lucky Old Sun”

  1. Niiice…

    I just love Louis’ voice – I wish they could do something different with that Hollywood angel chorus he’s got going on in it.

    Ray certainly doesn’t suffer from that!

    What a nice counterpoint to the stresses of the budgetary menagerie it must be.

  2. telescoper Says:

    The awful schmalzy singing accompanying the Louis Armstrong version seems to have been de rigeur on pop records made during the 1940s, but somehow I’ve always loved it despite that. I can’t remember what happened to my old 78 of that version.

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