Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 18

I wonder if anyone else has noticed the similarity between Ray Sharples of Durham University and erstwhile Geordie Messiah Kevin Keegan? They sound similar too!

10 Responses to “Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 18”

  1. Nic Ross Says:

    The look-alike extends beyond the physical mugshot..

    Ray and I played for Cosmo (Observational, Manager: Shanks) vs. Astro (Theoretical, Manager: Frenk) derby in the Durham Inter-departmental footy 5-a-sides.

    I remember Cosmo winning 2-1 in 2006 with Ross scoring the equaliser and Sharples the winner…
    Bragging rites in the coffee room for the entire summer 😉

  2. telescoper Says:

    It’s strange that Ray doesn’t seem to look all that much like his mother, Ena from Coronation Street. But then again the Ogden centre doesn’t have those ducks on the wall like its founders Stan and Hilda had on theirs.

  3. There’s even a Jethro Tull song about ducks on the wall:

    Ian Anderson probably holds the record for addressing the widest variety of topics in rock-music lyrics, all while playing the flute while standing on one leg.

  4. Ray Sharples Says:

    I’m worried that we sound similar given that Kevin is a Yorkshireman (Doncaster) and I’m from Lancashire (Widnes). I’ve obviously spent too long in Durham ! I thought this picture was a better likeness though …

  5. telescoper Says:

    Dream on.

  6. Anton Garrett Says:

    Shurely ‘Keegan’?

    I saw Jethro Tull in the 1990s – still great music, but less hair. Undoubtedly a wide range of topics, but best song title must go to the Bonzo dog Doo Dah Band for their song about small minded attitudes in suburbia, “My pink half of the drainpipe”. Genius.


  7. telescoper Says:

    I didn’t notice I’d spelt it wrong in the caption!

    Can’t be bothered to fix it though.

  8. Ross Collins Says:

    Surely the recent news of the acquittal of Phil Charles necessitates a comparison of his likeness to Robin Williams? Example image

    • telescoper Says:

      The only problem is that Phil Charles doesn’t look at all like Robin Williams.

      Great news about the result of the enquiry though.

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