Astronomy with Knobs on

I just saw a splendidly smutty blog post which contains graphic examples of astronomical objects in the form of male genital organs. Since this appears to be an entirely suitable topic for a Friday afternoon blog post, here is my suggestion of  a contribution to her gallery. It’s the X-rated X-ray satellite XMM Newton which, as you can see, has a disturbingly phallic appearance.

I wonder if astropixie might be able to make room for this one?

4 Responses to “Astronomy with Knobs on”

  1. Ever wonder why all the girls found R2D2 so cute? 🙂

  2. telescoper Says:

    I note astropixie managed to slip mine in without any problem.

  3. Astronomy with balls? Not XMM-Newton. You’ll need IXO for that:

    • telescoper Says:


      I tried to embed your thing but it was uncomfortably large. Here is a smaller version, which I manage to pop in without difficulty.



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