Alternative Logo for UKSA

As you all know, this past week saw the launch of the new UK Space Agency amid much fuss and fanfares. This occasion allowed the government to trumpet the creation of the new organization as a success story in the media and thus draw attention away from the continuing devastation visited on scientific research in astronomy and space science in the United Kingdom.

I’m not the only one to have expressed reservations about the quality of the new outfit’s logo which, though clearly intended to present a thrusting, dynamic, reach-for-the-skies image, ends up looking more like something from Dad’s Army. Apparently it cost £10,000 – surprisingly cheap by the standards of graphic designers these days – which perhaps explains why it isn’t very good, although even expensive ones can be rubbish too.

In order to improve the public profile of the fledgling organisation, and out of my own deep sense of public spiritedness, I’ve decided, at no expense to the taxpayer, to commission my own alternative logo by a highly skilled graphic designer of my acquaintance. I’m proud to be able to unveil it here. I think it conveys more accurately the nature of the new agency.

The broad coloured swathe represents the red tape involved in creating yet another new quango and reorganising everything else that relates to it. This leads initially to a period of increased paperwork presenting the appearance of greater activity until, shortly after the next election, everyone realises it is achieving nothing at all, its funds are cut (along with everything else), and, overwhelmed by the weight of its own bureaucracy,  it comes crashing back to Earth.

Badges featuring the new logo can be purchased from me, at the modest price of £74.99 each.

6 Responses to “Alternative Logo for UKSA”

  1. Mr Physicist Says:

    Is that a “P” I spot in the logo? P for Public/Private partnership, P for progress, P for pain?

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr Drayson?

    I hope you won’t need to apply to them for a grant…


  3. telescoper Says:


    Although I’ve been very – some say excessively – critical of the top management at STFC, I should make it clear that the vast majority of the people that work there do an excellent job under very difficult circumstances, and some of them are truly outstanding. No doubt some of these will move over to UKSA in due course and I’m sure they’ll do good things there too.

    The grants panels do try to make judgements objectively, and the fact that I’ve been successful in getting funds from STFC myself, despite my sometimes outspoken comments and general ribbing, is some corroboration of this. Moreover, I’m actually going to be joining one of the grant panels for the next cycle…

    In any case it looks like UKSA will only look after development and instrumentation projects rather than what they call “science exploitation”, which presumably includes theory. So I don’t think I’ll be approaching the new agency for funds, even if it does survive the election.


  4. Rhodri Evans Says:

    Has the budget for this new agency been announced? Where is the money coming from?

  5. Will Grainger Says:

    Are you an approved supplier? Will you take a PO?

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