How to Vote: A Helpful Flowchart

17 Responses to “How to Vote: A Helpful Flowchart”

  1. Surely I can hate Jeremy Clarkson and still vote Lib Dem? (Actually, I can’t vote. And actually, he’s the funniest Brit on TV.)

  2. I assume the third symbol from the top is for the Tories. What is it?

  3. telescoper Says:

    Andrew: I don’t think voting LibDem will annoy Clarkson anything like as much as voting Green (which is, after all, the whole point of the election).

    Phil: It is, but I don’t know. Some kind of tree?

  4. Will Grainger Says:

    The third symbol from the top is a representation of Boris Johnson’s hair.

  5. “I don’t think voting LibDem will annoy Clarkson anything like as much as voting Green (which is, after all, the whole point of the election).”

    What’s the whole point? Voting Green? Or ignoring Clarkson?

  6. The Conservatives logo is that of an oak tree. This logo seems to be the UK/English part so has a ‘traditional English oak’ tree. Their ‘Welsh’ wing of the Conservative party has a ‘traditional Welsh oak’ tree. Same thing for Scotland.

    See following links, in order Scottish, Welsh, English/UK:

  7. Actually, the Tory symbol looks a bit like Thatcher’s hair at

    I take it this is not their official website.

  8. Actually, not flow charts as such, but rather questionaires which compare one’s own position to, say, 30 official party positions for a number of parties exist on the web in Germany. They can be quite enlightening (such as when well known politicians take the test and find that their positions most closely match those of a party which is not their own) as far as getting an overview of the positions, but of course don’t answer the question to what extent the party in question, if elected, would actually implement all the stated goals. In practice, there are coalition governments, and which party gets which positions (when the coalition parties are in disagreement) is of course subject to their own weighting and negotiation skills.

    Is there something similar for the upcoming UK election?

    Here’s the one for the upcoming state election in North Rhine-Westphalia:

  9. Have to love those automatically generated posts; the one above leads to

  10. To bring the discussion back to cosmology while keeping the flow-chart theme going, here’s a blast from the past:

  11. The host of the chart above comments

    “When this flowchart was written, it was known that Omega=1, Lambda=0, and H0=50. Now it is known (with the same high confidence by the same perpetrators) that Omega=0.27, Lambda=0.73, and H0=72. The situation described by the flowchart has changed rather less in that time.”

    Of course, his point is that our “knowledge” can change with time. However, his comments on the chart have been up for several years now, and the numbers have hardly changed—certainly they haven’t move out of realistic error bars—which gives some indication that we really do have an idea what these three numbers are.

  12. It missed out:

    Do you hate the Scottish? => English Democrats.

  13. Nick Cross Says:

    Or do you hate the English – Scottish Nationalists

  14. telescoper Says:

    Somewhat controversially these days I don’t agree with Nick.

    If you live where I live and hate the English, you vote Plaid Cymru.

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  17. Plaid Cymru seem to have become a modern ‘Old Labour’.

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