Black Hole Hunter

A discussion yesterday with one of my colleagues in the gravitational physics group here in Cardiff gave me the idea of including a little advert here for a fun website called Black Hole Hunter.

The site was developed as a part of the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2008, Can you hear black holes collide? presented by Cardiff University, and the Universities of Birmingham, Glasgow and Southampton in the UK in collaboration with the Albert Einstein Institute and Milde Marketing in Germany.

The idea is to use your skill, judgement and lugholes to detect the gravitational wave signal from the merger of two black holes in the noisy output of a gravitational wave detector. The image on the left shows the pattern of gravitational radiation as calculated numerically using Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Why not give it a try and see how you get on?

You can play here.

3 Responses to “Black Hole Hunter”

  1. Excellent. I scored 8.

  2. good game. Although, I scored 21 starting on easy and got them all correct first time… I have a feeling it is easier if your ears are young (<25) and you are listening on speakers in a music studio!

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