Science Fiction

I haven’t posted any poems for a while so I thought I’d put one up this morning.  However, just to make things a bit different I thought I’d make this one into a little quiz. This is called Science Fiction and it’s from a second-hand paperback book of poems I bought ages ago and I wonder if any of you know who wrote it?  Of course it’s quite easy to stick the words in google and find out that way, but see if you can figure it out without doing that.

Or maybe you know anyway…

Science Fiction

What makes us rove that starlit corridor
May be the impulse to meet and face
Our vice and folly shaped into a thing,
And so at last ourselves; what lures us there
Is simpler versions of disaster:
A web that shuffles time and space,
A sentence to perpetual journeying,
A wotrld of ocean without shore,
And simplest, flapping down the poisoned air,
A ten-clawed monster.

In him, perhaps, we see the general ogre
Who rode our ancestors to nightmare,
And in his habitat their maps of hell.
But climates and geographies soon change,
Spawning mutations none can quell
With silver sword or thaumaturge’s ring
Worse than their sides, of wider range,
And much more durable.

4 Responses to “Science Fiction”

  1. stringph Says:

    Sounds like Auden to me, somehow. With echoes of Milton. But the subject matter isn’t quite there…

  2. Adrian Burd Says:

    Herschel? – the elder that is.

  3. telescoper Says:

    Spot on, Adrian. It was in fact Kingsley Amis (whose son Martin featured in a recent look-alike).

  4. Adrian Burd Says:

    One of my favorite authors – my copy of “The King’s English” is well thumbed and has been lent out to many in need of guidance.


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