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Lazy River

Posted in Jazz with tags , , , on May 20, 2010 by telescoper

I couldn’t resist putting up this jaunty duet version of the old Hoagy Carmichael song “Up a Lazy River”, which I first heard over 30 years ago, not only because the (British-born) pianist George Shearing plays so wonderfully on it (listen to his little foray into Harlem Stride around 3.00), but also because it gives me a chance to pay homage to the bass player Brian Torff. Just listen to his solo (starting around 1.55) and you’ll immediately understand why he’s revered amongst jazz musicians for his incredible technique and musical imagination and why so many other double bass players are completely terrified of him!

Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 25

Posted in Astronomy Lookalikes with tags , on May 20, 2010 by telescoper

One of the best things about having visiting seminar speakers here in Cardiff is that they often tend to bring ideas for my astronomy look-alike series with them.  One of the best I’ve had for a while was suggested last night over dinner with yesterday’s speaker.

I wonder how many of you have noticed the similarity – tonsorial issues apart – between cheeky boy Rob Ivison and former Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament Lembit Opik? I wonder if by any chance they might be related?

Incidentally, it might be worth mentioning that Lembit Opik himself has an interesting family connection with astronomy.

Lembit Opik

Rob Ivison