Jodrell Bank

Got bored with the football (England 0 Algeria 0…zzzzz). Tedious. Depressing. Decided to read some poetry instead. Found this, by Patric Dickinson, called Jodrell Bank. Is  football  just another  expression of loneliness?

Who were they, what lonely men
Imposed upon the fact of night
The fiction of constellations
And made commensurable
The distances between
Themselves their loves and their doubt
Of government and nations;
Who made the dark stable

 When the light was not? Now
We receive the blind codes
Of spaces beyond the span
Of our myths, and a long dead star
May only echo how
There are no loves nor gods
Men can invent to explain
How lonely all men are.

4 Responses to “Jodrell Bank”

  1. From when is the poem? Due to the astronomical imagery, it is presumably (also) a reference to the observatory there, but it might be coincidental premonition.

  2. telescoper Says:

    It’s from a collection called “The World I See”, which was published in 1960. The poem was inspired by a visit to Jodrell Bank observatory.

  3. Patrick Phillips Says:

    I studied this poem as part of my O level literature syllabus (in an anthology called Poets Of Our Time I think) and it was so good that I still remember it off by heart. I even managed to recite it perfectly after several vodka red bulls while watching the Perseids a few weeks ago. Mint.

  4. I first found jodrell bank almost decades ago when a child. Still it defines my take on things.

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