Cat Nap

It’s been a month since I last posted an update about Columbo so I thought I’d put up a quick item.There’s been no repeat of his recent nosebleed, and he’s showing no after-effects at all. As you all know, he’s not exactly in the first flush of youth – so there’s no more of the racing-around-like-a-mad-thing he did when he was kitten. He still likes to go for the odd wander about, but it’s strictly in his own time. In fact he’s still spending quite a lot of time out of doors, as the weather, though not as good as June and July because it has rained a bit, is at least reasonably warm.

However, he did recently discover a new comfy spot, in the cupboard under the stairs which he has now added to his collection of places to sleep. Other well-established locations are: under the coffee table in the sitting room, on the mat next to the bath, behind the trees at the end of the garden, and in the corner of the spare bedroom, as well as his basket of course. It must occupy his mind to a considerable degree deciding which of these spots to sleep in. Still, sleeping is mainly what he does so it’s obviously important to do it right. It’s a hard life, being a cat…

The other day I did a bit of work in the garden. When I’d finished I swept up various bits and pieces into a pile but realised I’d forgotten to bring a shovel. When I came back with said implement, Columbo had appeared from nowhere and was rolling around in the pile of muck. It seems far from unusual for cats to enjoy rolling around in leaves, twigs and general dirt. Probably it’s a good way for a moggy to scratch their back. Anyway, after a few minutes’ escstatic rolling around, Columbo nodded off on the path right next to the rubbish so I decided to take a picture.

4 Responses to “Cat Nap”

  1. Despite the extra vet bills there are some advantages to housing a geriatric cat whose major interest is finding somewhere nice to sleep.

    I had to take care of a mouse corpse earlier today. The mouse lay next to some feathers which had hung around after a skirmish last week with a magpie.

  2. telescoper Says:

    Columbo tried to take on a magpie when he was a lot younger. I have to say the magpie put up an impressive defence (and also made an infernal racket). Columbo beat a hasty retreat.

  3. telescoper Says:

    Just a quick thought: perhaps he’s suffering from cat-alepsy?

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    He’s magnificat!

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