Paperback Writer

I’ve had a bit too much on my plate over the last couple of days to be able to find the time to post anything, but I thought break silence and get into the swing of things with a bit of gratuitous self-promotion.

My little book From Cosmos to Chaos is today officially published in paperback. I’m glad the new edition has come out because it gave me a chance to correct quite a large number of typographical errors in the original edition – some of them very embarrassing!  I had spotted many of them before publication, but unfortunately there was a breakdown in the proof correcting process and the changes I’d requested were not made to the version that got printed. Fortunately the publishers, Oxford University Press, gave me the chance to do proper corrections to the text for the paperback version so hopefully it has many fewer bugs in it than the original hardcover version.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who contacted me to point out some of the egregious errors. Of course I  really put them there deliberately to check that the readers were paying attention..

4 Responses to “Paperback Writer”

  1. Adrian Burd Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Congratulations! I guess i’ll have to wait a little bit for it to appear on Amazon on this side of the pond – they still have only the hardback, which I have, though now I’m wondering how many of the deliberate errors I caught. Do you recall the tale that John B would tell about his thesis defense and him figuring out how many typos were left in his thesis? I think it was John who told that story.

    All the best,


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