Has your MP signed EDM 767?

One of the interesting curiosities of the British parliamentary system is the Early Day Motion (EDM), which is a brief motion to be debated at an unspecified date in the future. Few of them ever get debated and they remain open for signature throughout a parliamentary session.

Early Day Motion 767 relates to the Science is Vital Campaign. It was tabled on 16th September 2010 and the text is as follows:

That this House notes the UK’s proud history of excellence in science and engineering, whereby it produces over 10 per cent. of global scientific output with just one per cent. of global population; believes that continued investment in research is vital in order to meet the technological and social challenges of the 21st century, and to continue to attract high-tech industries to invest in the UK; further believes that large cuts to science funding are a false economy, due to evidence that research investment fuels economic growth; further notes the increased investment in science by the UK’s international competitors, such as the USA, France and Germany; further believes that investment in research and development is vital to help rebalancethe economy towards hi-tech manufacturing and away from over-reliance on financial services; recognises the work of the Science is Vital coalition and the Campaign for Science and Engineering in arguing that the UK should seek to retain its role as a world leader in these fields; and calls on the Government to safeguard the UK’s scientific excellence by providing a research investment strategy which builds on the success of UK science and engineering.

(The rules require that at EDM be a single sentence, but often, as in this case, the sentences are somewhat lengthy.)

It was tabled by Julian Hippert, and has so far attracted 81 signatures, which is good going for such things.  The following MPs have signed EDM 767.

Is yours among them?

If not, I think you know what to do….

Huppert, Julian
Onwurah, Chi
Morris, David
Bottomley, Peter
Wright, Simon
Mulholland, Greg
Sanders, Adrian
Smith, Robert
Hughes, Simon
Jackson, Glenda
Jamieson, Cathy
Kaufman, Gerald
Kennedy, Charles
Lucas, Caroline
Cunningham, Jim
Cunningham, Tony
Dobbin, Jim
Doherty, Pat
Field, Frank
Foster, Don
Gapes, Mike
George, Andrew
Abbott, Diane
Hamilton, Fabian
Twigg, Stephen
Anderson, David
Hodgson, Sharon
Burt, Lorely
Johnson, Diana R
Leech, John
Soulsby, Peter
McGovern, Jim
Morden, Jessica
Williams, Stephen
Gilmore, Sheila
Hames, Duncan
Alexander, Heidi
Berger, Luciana
Henderson, Gordon
Hunt, Tristram
Lloyd, Stephen
McKinnell, Catherine
Mearns, Ian
Metcalfe, Stephen
Fovargue, Yvonne
Morrice, Graeme
Mowat, David
Murray, Ian
Reid, Alan
Hopkins, Kelvin
Osborne, Sandra
Brennan, Kevin
Campbell, Menzies
Caton, Martin
Clarke, Tom
Connarty, Michael
Donaldson, Jeffrey
Francis, Hywel
Hancock, Mike
Beith, Alan
Watson, Tom
Williams, Roger
Slaughter, Andy
Green, Kate
Creasy, Stella
Swales, Ian
Lazarowicz, Mark
McCrea, Dr William
Campbell, Ronnie
Corbyn, Jeremy
Ellman, Louise
Flynn, Paul
Vaz, Keith
Williams, Hywel
Banks, Gordon
Horwood, Martin
Sharma, Virendra
Chapman, Jenny
Blenkinsop, Tom
Dromey, Jack
Morris, Grahame M

UPDATE: The following 11 have signed since yesterday:

Meale, Alan
Brake, Tom
Brooke, Annette
Brown, Russell
Dowd, Jim
Main, Anne
O’Donnell, Fiona
Blomfield, Paul
Sarwar, Anas
Vaz, Valerie
Dakin, Nic


9 Responses to “Has your MP signed EDM 767?”

  1. Well I wrote to my MP, Nick Clegg, around 2.5 weeks ago requesting him to sign this. It may just be he is to busy to reply…..but then that suggests the system does not work because then in effect I have no representation on account of my MP being deputy Prime Minister. Or perhaps he simply agrees that science should be cut down to size.

  2. J Storr-Best Says:

    Have written to my MP, The Right Hon David Willetts, Minister for Science on this matter, I await an answer with interest

    • telescoper Says:

      Members of Cabinet generally never sign Early Day Motions as a matter of procedure, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

  3. And the PM is extremely unlikely to sign, right? Which is why I haven’t bothered him so far..

  4. @Mark, The Rt Hon Nick Clegg is also Lord President of the Privy Council.
    But timely post, I’m checking where my man stands on this…

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