Cardiff Half-Marathon

Just back from a walk in the park to watch the runners in this year’s Cardiff Half-Marathon. Quite a few people I know from the School of Physics & Astronomy – both staff and students – were participating so I was hoping to catch sight of them as they passed by. I nearly missed the event because of my own incompetence – I knew the route had changed since last year, but was still under the impression that it went along Cathedral Road. I was wrong. The route actually loops back inside Bute Park rather than down the main road outside, so I had to walk a bit further than anticipated to see the runners.

It was  a beautiful bright  morning for it, if a bit on the chilly side, and Bute Park was looking lovely in the autumn sunshine. I imagine the start, down in Cardiff Bay near the sea, must have been distinctly cold at 9am! Interestingly, the route this year also involved a section over the Cardiff Bay Barrage which must also be a bit “bracing” in October. The path the runners followed in Bute Park is relatively narrow at the spot I found, about 5 miles into the race, and the participants were consequently rather bunched. That, and the fact that they were moving rather quickly, made it difficult for me to pick out people I recognized let alone take a picture of them. I did see a few familiar faces, but alas couldn’t get any decent photographs.

Well done, everyone who completed the race, especially those who raised money for charity by doing so. Hats off to you all!

Here are a few random snaps I took while I was there.

I used to run quite a lot when I was younger (half-marathons and even a few full marathons), but I’ve had to give it up because of the condition of my knees. Watching these events makes me feel a mixture of jealousy and frustration, to such an extent that I’m sorely tempted to have a go at a half-marathon one last time, even if they have to bring me home in an ambulance…


4 Responses to “Cardiff Half-Marathon”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    Always good to see other people exercising…

  2. Rhodri Evans Says:

    You should Peter! It’s never too late to get back into it…..

  3. Oh no!

    “A half marathon involving 15,000 runners has turned out to be too short – by 193m (211 yards).”

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