A for Aphorisms?

I’m back again in Cardiff from a long day in Swindon, too tired to post anything substantial and indeed too tired to do anything much at all except make something to eat and slump in front of the football with a glass of wine (or two).

However, on the train coming home this evening I remembered something I’d promised to do last week, but which had slipped my mind. You may recall that I gave a talk in London last Wednesday evening. Well, before that, I had a glass of wine and a natter with one of the organisers of that event, a writer by the name of Robert Eddison. During the course of the conversation it emerged that he’s a prolific compiler of original aphorisms. In fact he has coined over 26,000 of these. The ones I saw were only a small part of the collection, but included such gems as

Things are best brought into the open behind closed doors

History, like photography, is all about perspective

You can’t have bare facts without the naked truth

and, my favourite because it’s a bit risqué,

It is during their salad days that most young matadors get tossed

It seemed to me that there was probably a ready market for a collection of pithy pensées, including speech writers, journalists, etc., but Robert explained that he was finding it difficult to find a publisher for them. I suggested setting up a sort of online repository for them. That’s been done already for famous examples, but surely there’s a demand for originally crafted ones?

Anyway, not being a publishing expert myself I hit on the idea of enlisting the help of my readers (both of them). If anyone has any suggestions about possible markets for 26,000 brand new sayings covering a huge range of topics in a witty and concise style or, better still, if you’re a publisher and you’re interested in them yourself, please let me have suggestions through the comments box and I’ll pass them onto to Robert on your behalf.


One Response to “A for Aphorisms?”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    He should forget trying to get them published and become a for-hire speechwriter for prominent politicians.

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