Come White Van Man to Bute Park Now…

If you needed any proof of Cardiff City Council’s dishonesty about the likely effects of their new road into Bute Park then just take a look at these examples of private vehicles littering this once beautiful site. I should also say that there used to be signs proclaiming a 5mph speed limit on the public footpaths, but these have all been taken away, giving the dreaded White Van Man a licence to drive at high speed around the Park. I’ve stopped walking through it, in fact, on my way to work in the mornings as it has become too unpleasant battling my way through the traffic. Much more of this and I’m afraid Bute Park just won’t be fit for humans…


3 Responses to “Come White Van Man to Bute Park Now…”

  1. astrofairy Says:

    Unbelievable! Very sad state of affairs indeed.

  2. The vehicles could be there for a legitimately reason – we often work with the council to stage events in the parks and need to gain access to unload equipment. Just a thought…

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, there are “Events” in the Park – far too many, causing noise, disruption and damage to the grass. And a huge increase in vehicle traffic via the ghastly new road, most of which drives around the paths at dangerous speeds now that the Council has removed all the 5 mph speed limit signs. I don’t consider any of that to be legitimate, especially since the Council explicitly stated that there would be no increase in road vehicles in the Park.

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