Snowy Saturday

Up early this morning, cold notwithstanding, to take part in an all-day workshop on Public Attitudes to Science conducted by the market-research organization IPSOS-Mori on behalf of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) I can’t really say much about what happened since it’s an ongoing research project, but it was very interesting and particularly nice to talk to the participants (who were aged 18-24). My role was as a “science expert” so my job was to explain a bit about how the kind of science I do actually works in practice, compared with what they thought before the event.

On the way home I had to find my way back through the crowded streets of Cardiff. Today was the last day of the autumn rugby internationals, and Wales were playing New Zealand at home. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the city, as always on match days, although the combination of a rather boisterous rugby crowd with large numbers of Christmas shoppers did slow down my journey home. The game just ended, Wales 25 New Zealand 37; not as one-sided as many feared and a much better spectacle than last week’s awful match against Fiji.

I took a few pictures of Bute Park on my way to the event this morning. It looked very beautiful, but it wasn’t half cold early on. I doubt if there’ll be much rugby played on the sports fields for a while, because the ground is frozen solid at the moment!


3 Responses to “Snowy Saturday”

  1. The British Government published detailed information last week about the expenditure of each of its departments. It has provided a search facility.

    I made a search for science expenditure and found that the Science and Research Group of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills had paid 99000 pounds to the IPSOS MORI opinion pollsters in a “research base” category. I found this puzzling. Peter’s posting here may explain this.

  2. […] took part in it, in the role of a sort of science observer at the session held in Cardiff, which I blogged about in November […]

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