Pontcanna Fields with Snow, Mist and Sunset

Just back from a shopping expedition during which I walked through the snowbound Pontcanna Fields. Fog was rising above the snow just as the sun was setting, creating some stunning lighting effects. Unfortunately I only had my Blackberry with me so I couldn’t take any really high quality pics, but these should give you an idea.

This first is looking North towards Llandaff Cathedral whose spire you can just see in the distance:

The second gives you a better view of the mist..

…and these two are of the sun setting behind the trees to the west:


6 Responses to “Pontcanna Fields with Snow, Mist and Sunset”

  1. Beautiful. It has just started to heavily snow in Cambridge and within 20 minutes it’s already deep enough to make snow angels! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas?

    • telescoper Says:

      It snowed heavily here yesterday and overnight and we have more forecast for tomorrow or Monday. Noticeably fewer cars around today, buses thin on the ground too, but loads of kids playing in the snow and plenty of people walking about enjoying the picturesque views.

  2. Could you express what you saw in a poem?

  3. I am currently trapped in Cambridge trying to drive to Cardiff :/ Snow everywhere – this is not a typical christmas for me.

  4. .. and now I am traaped in Cardiff trying to get back to Cambridge – the world’s gone crazy.

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