Einstein and the Eclipse

Following on from my previous post, I thought you might be interested in this. It’s the last programme in a series called Six Experiments that Changed the World which was presented by the late Ken Campbell. It was made for Channel 4 and first broadcast in 2000. It’s in two parts. If you watch the second one, you might see someone you recognize…


4 Responses to “Einstein and the Eclipse”

  1. Monica grady Says:

    At first I thought I was seeing the ubiquitous Brian Cox, then I realized it was a young and fresh- faced Peter C. With your own trampoline!

  2. Great video Peter!

    I was pleased to see the footage of Alderney ’99, we went to it as a family holiday, seems like yesterday, can’t believe that will be nearly 12 years ago! Was just thinking about it the other day. Was a shame about the cloud but it was visible and I’ll never forget it!

    I still have the T-shirt!

  3. sorry, I just saw your previous post where it is discussed at length!

  4. Steve Jones Says:

    “You’ll see that if you try to send a light signal with your golf ball, there”

    is the best line here and made me lol!

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