My Fellow Pagans …

I was reminded yesterday of the following clipping, which I found in The Times, in 1999, just before the total eclipse that was visible from parts of the United Kingdom in that year. It was a feature about the concerns raised by certain residents of Cornwall about the possible effects of the sudden influx of visitors on the local community. Here is a scan  of a big chunk of the story, which you probably can’t read…

.and here is a blow-up of the section shown in the red box, which places cosmologists in rather strange company:

This makes it clear what journalists on this rag think about cosmology! In protest, I wrote a letter to the The Times saying that, as a cosmologist, I thought this piece was very insulting … to Druids.

They didn’t publish it.


2 Responses to “My Fellow Pagans …”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    One of the best letters that The Times published ran: Dear Sir, I wrote you a letter on the subject of your editorial of last Thursday but on further reflection threw it in the bin. I trust this meets with your approval, Yours sincerely…”

  2. I once read about someone whose self-description was “secular pagan”. I suppose such a pagan could also be a cosmologist.

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