Herschel Views Andromeda (via The Herschel Space Observatory)

An amazing composite image of M31 in Andromeda using both infra-red and X-rays was recently obtained using Herschel and XMM space observatories. It featured in the BBC Stargazing Live programme earlier this week and I’m told that, typically for astronomy, the inspiration behind it was … beer.

Herschel Views Andromeda We've been sitting on this image since just before Christmas so that it could be unveiled during the BBC Stargazing Live show last night, but I've been aching to get this onto the blog ever since I saw it. This is a Herschel image of our nearest neighbour galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, also known as M31, along with comparison images at other wavelengths. [/captio … Read More

via The Herschel Space Observatory


4 Responses to “Herschel Views Andromeda (via The Herschel Space Observatory)”

  1. Mark McCaughrean Says:

    Eh? The inspiration behind what? The Herschel / XMM images of Andromeda, or Stargazing Live? The latter I can believe, given the rather genial train wreck of a programme that it was (I actually don’t mean that too critically), but if it’s the former, we can’t be having any of that nonsense in a serious organisation like ESA πŸ™‚

    BTW, will you be at the Planck meeting in Paris next week? We’ll be doing a press conference there on Tuesday with some early non-CMB science results in part based on the Early Release Compact Source Catalogue which will go public at the same time.

  2. telescoper Says:

    As for the beer you’ll have to find Steve Eales and extract a confession. It’s nothing to do with me. Honest.

    I won’t be at the Paris meeting. I’m not an official Plancky person, actually. I leave that to the proper cosmologists.

  3. Mark McCaughrean Says:

    Hmmm, that scoundrel Eales, eh? Why am I not surprised? πŸ™‚

    As for Planck, well as a non-proper cosmologist, you’d be better suited at next week’s meeting than many others, since it’s all about the foreground stuff and compact sources, not the CMB. Only kidding … (Happy New Year, by the way).

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