Soave sia il vento

I don’t know what it’s been like down your way over the past couple of days but it’s been very windy around these parts. In fact I had to spend a couple of hours this afternoon repairing the damage done to my garden by a lump of a tree that fell down during Friday on account of the gales. If you’ve been affected by the stormy weather yourself I offer you this beautiful performance of the trio Soave sia il vento from Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte as compensation.

Soave sia il vento,
Tranquilla sia l’onda,
Ed ogni elemento
Benigno risponda
Ai nostri  desir

Hoping I’ve got the subjunctives right I’ll translate this as

May the wind be gentle,
may the waves be calm,
and may every one of the elements
respond warmly
to our desire


7 Responses to “Soave sia il vento”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    That is lovely.

  2. I loved it too and your translation!

  3. […] been called up for active service. Don Alfonso joins Fiordiligi and Dorabella in the sumptuous trio Soave sia il vento as the men appear to sail off for battle. The ladies are heartbroken and pledge fidelity to their […]

  4. George Angwin Says:

    I suggest an improved third line to your excellent translation:

    “and may every element”

  5. Thanks for this – I’m going to try it on my saxophone – better if you know the words to play the meaning!

  6. I’m learning this now, I love it; I hope I can get close to the obvious feeling of joy shown by don alfonso on his exit, having completely nailed it! Good translation thanks.

  7. anneframboise Says:

    Not bad… but my favorite is the 2006 Salzburg one :

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