In February

Another busy day – mainly filled with form-filling but also including a tutorial and a meeting of our cosmology discussion group – and tonight, for the second week running, I’m off to a lecture at Cardiff Scientific Society. This time it’s by our own Haley Gomez entitled Smoking Supernovae. And here am I trying to give up!

Anyway, I’m going to do what I usually do when I haven’t got time for a proper post and that is put up a bit of poetry. Appropriate for the time of year, in hopeful anticipation of the forthcoming spring, I offer you this (from a poem entitled In February written by Alice Meynell).

Rich meanings of the prophet-Spring adorn,
Unseen, this colourless sky of folded showers,
And folded winds; no blossom in the bowers;
A poet’s face asleep in this grey morn.
Now in the midst of the old world forlorn
A mystic child is set in these still hours.
I keep this time, even before the flowers,
Sacred to all the young and the unborn


2 Responses to “In February”

  1. “and tonight, for the second week running, I’m off to a lecture by Haley Gomez at Cardiff Scientific Society entitled Smoking Supernovae.”

    you mean she’s repeating herself?!?

    • Quite right. I’m obviously losing my syntactical grip. I’ve corrected the post, but I’m delighted to point out that the lecture was great even second time around.

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