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R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

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A farewell tribute to one of the greats.


Northern Lights

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Never seen the Aurora Borealis? Then get a load of this. It’s not a fake. This is what it’s really like.

I stood under a show like this once, in northern Norway, and I can tell you ever the word “awesome” applied to anything, this is it.

The curious thing is that I had the definite feeling that there was a booming and whooshing sound to go with the light show. I wasn’t the only one there who thought they could hear it as well as see it. And I wasn’t drunk either. Well, not very.

I’m reliably informed however that there is no physical mechanism that could produce sound waves of sufficient power to reach ground level from the altitude at which the light is generated. It must have been psychological, as if the brain wants to add a backing track when it sees something as spectacular as this.