Just a gigolo

Much of Thelonious Monk‘s recorded output was based on his own original compositions, which include such classics as Bemsha Swing, ‘Round Midnight, Epistrophy, Brilliant Corners and Straight, No Chaser, but this is an exception to that rule. Just a gigolo is a little ballad that he took a bit of a shine to relatively early on in his career and performed impromptu versions of it on many subsequent occasions. Monk’s unique style is a joy to listen to, and this clip gives you a chance to see him too – watching him play the piano always makes me think of a kitten playing with a ball of string. For all the genius that he was, and all the problems he had with his own mental health, he never lost sight of the child within himself.

Now this is what I call awesome


One Response to “Just a gigolo”

  1. telescoper Says:

    A short message to Ms Allison Lewis
    (allison-lewis@blueyonder.co.uk) please make your comments (a) polite and (b) relevant to the post on which you make them.

    Oh, and perhaps you could learn to recognize a joke when you see it.

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