Brush up your CVs!

A  job vacancy caught my eye this week, so I thought I’d pass it on (at no extra charge).

This is the long-awaited announcement of a much-needed vacancy as Chief Executioner Executive of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The incumbent, Professor Keith Mason, will be leaving the job (although not until next year) and I’m sure his successor will be grateful for the fact that STFC has much less activity to manage now than it did  four years ago. Indeed, if you download the further information you’ll find there’s so much talk of “management of change” and “new structures” that you wouldn’t have thought STFC had already existed for four years…

A notable requirement is that the successful candidate must have

…strong emotional intelligence, excellent listening skills; good relationship and influencing skills and the ability to reach out and build consensus and trust;

which will certainly make a change. The ability to “manage budgets” is apparently also necessary.

I gather special training is provided so the successful candidate can learn to read and write TreasurySpeak and that there  is a substantial budget for travel. A luxurious office is provided in Swindon, but the Chief Executive is not required to visit it except on special occasions, such as when there is a celebration of the closure of a major national facility. The salary is “competitive”, although it doesn’t say with what.

But, seriously, it’s going to be a tough but vitally important job for UK Science so I hope someone of sufficient stature to take it on does emerge, poisoned chalice though it undoubtedly is. A rumour mill has already started, and I might open a book on the race if there are enough nominations through the comments box…


4 Responses to “Brush up your CVs!”

  1. It won’t be anybody we know.

  2. telescoper Says:

    I wouldn’t know about that.

  3. James Makepeace Says:

    Not so much a comment more a question…
    Is it true that when the extra few million were passed over to STFC the other day, the first thing Barbara Ginelli did was to spend £7,000 ….. on office furniture for herself ?
    If this is true, obviously times are good and there’s no need for redundancies… or does it change the rules a bit if you get close enough to the Chief Executive ?
    Any thoughts … ?

    • telescoper Says:

      You mean Barbara Ghinelli, presumably.

      I don’t know anything about her, or her office furniture…

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