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A Discovery At the Tevatron! – Maybe (via Collider Blog)

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I mentioned during a particle physics lecture today that sometimes big results grow from small statistical indications, but more often than not these turn out to be false detections. I wonder what this will turn out to be?

A Discovery At the Tevatron! - Maybe The CDF Collaboration released this plot today (arXiv:1104.0699, 6-April-2011): The blue peak at MJJ = 145 GeV is not predicted by the standard model, of course. The CDF paper is very clear and sober, and it is good that the collaboration reported these results. Let me outline the analysis in a few paragraphs. Th … Read More

via Collider Blog



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And now, as they say, for something completely different. I heard about this at a boozy dinner last Monday night and tracked it down on Youtube. I’m a bit late onto this gem, but I love it. See what you think. It’s by the brilliantly talented Tim Minchin. Oh, and there’s some (actually quite a lot of) off-colour language in it, so if that bothers you then please listen with earplugs in.