Good Morning Llandudno!

Well, here I am in Llandudno for the 2011 National Astronomy Meeting. The journey up yesterday was as slow as expected, but ran to its timetable, and I got here just in time for the STFC “Community Meeting” in the early evening. That was very interesting, and has probably given me food for a few other blog posts.

After that it was off to the St George’s Hotel for the RAS Club dinner, which was an enjoyable affair including several distinguished guests including John Harries, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Welsh Assembly, who made a short speech after dinner.

Getting back to the hotel – the Imperial, shown below – I ran into a crowd of astronomers and STFC bods drinking in the bar, so stayed with them until the early hours. Despite this, I managed to get up early and had a stroll along the promenade before a hearty breakfast. I must say Llandudno is looking resplendent in the spring sunshine. It’s rather more upmarket than I imagined, although it does seem to be frequented by the older generation of holiday makers…

Anyway, here are a few phone snaps I took this morning. I have to run now because I’ve got a session to chair at 9am and I have to find the room it’s in.


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