Best movement illusion I have ever seen…. (via Richard Wiseman’s Blog)

This sort of thing doesn’t usually work with my wonky eyes, but this one is pretty spectacular even for me. Click on the image to get the full size version

Best movement illusion I have ever seen.... First, if you enjoy the Friday Puzzle, I have just posted 101 of them here. Second, I now can't figure out who kindly sent this to me, but I love it (to get the full effect, it might be good to click on the image and open it up full size)….. Does it work for you? … Read More

via Richard Wiseman's Blog

7 Responses to “Best movement illusion I have ever seen…. (via Richard Wiseman’s Blog)”

  1. just looks like a load of static balls to me? What is the spectacular thing I am meant to be seeing?

    • telescoper Says:


      Click through to the original post, and then click again to enlarge the figure. It works then…


  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Eppur si muove!

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Richard Wiseman has taken the Skeptics movement to the next plane, in his explanations of why people believe certain things that aren’t true. Eventually most Skeptics get fed up with proving negatives in particular cases, and want something more positive. Some go philosophical but – without wishing to be rude about philosophy – I have no taste for that. Wiseman does something that I think is far more interesting, although I (of course) think that he over-reaches himself in explaining away all religious belief in this manner.

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    Perpetual motion solved!

    It would be amusing to set up a webpage in which the images really did move but the captions denied it…

  5. Mark McCaughrean Says:

    Nice, but still nowhere near as good as the best one I’ve ever seen, known as the “rotating snakes”: really special (and causes one to question quite how the eye and brain work as a team).

  6. Ross Collins Says:

    This is my favourite motion illusion as it also involves a colour illusion:

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