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Can the CMB Alone Provide Evidence for Dark Energy? (via astrobites)

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While I’m in reblogging mood I’ll try to send some traffic the way of this post, which is somewhat related to Friday’s one about the Wigglezeddy survey (or whatever it’s called)…

Can the CMB Alone Provide Evidence for Dark Energy? Paper Title: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Evidence for Dark Energy from the CMB Alone Authors: Blake D. Sherwin et al. 1st Author’s Affiliation: Dept. of Physics, Princeton University Introduction Continuing with Monday’s theme of cosmology, today’s astrobite features an ApJ Letter that describes new evidence for dark energy.  In the past decade a number of cosmological tests have been developed that show a need for a cosmological constant th … Read More

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Judgment Day

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Well, I guess the Rapture didn’t come after all. Or maybe it did and I’m unsurprisingly not among the chosen few to be saved? I studiously avoided try to make fun of the whole thing, despite the fact that yesterday everyone seemed to be posting rapture jokes like there was no tomorrow.

Anyway, for those who were disappointed by the poor turnout for the Apocalypse here is another poem by R.S. Thomas; this one is called called Judgment Day

Yes, that’s how I was,
I know that face,
That bony figure
Without grace
Of flesh or limb;
In health happy,
Careless of the claim
Of the world’s sick
Or the world’s poor;
In pain craven –
Lord breathe once more
On that sad mirror
Let me be lost
In mist for ever
Rather than own
Such bleak reflections,
Let me go back
On my two knees
Slowly to undo
The knot of life
That was tied there.


Radical Research IV – rating researchers (via Cosmology at AIMS)

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A “Mr Smith” from Portugal drew my attention to this post. I’ve posted from time to time about my scepticism about bibliometricism and this piece suggests some radical alternatives to the way citations are handled. I’m not sure I agree with it, but it’s well worth reading.

In this, the 4th post in this series (the others on video abstracts, object oriented paper writing and freelance postdocs are here: 1,2,3), I would like to chat about a tough but important problem and present some proposals to address it, which vary from conservative to bordering on the extreme. Crazy ideas can be stimulating and fun, and I hope the proposals achieve at least one of these. They might even turn out to be useful. One can hope. The … Read More

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