Pump up the Volume

In the course of an archaeological investigation into one of the cupboards in my study last night I unearthed a box full of old vinyl 12″ singles, including this, Pump up the Volume by MARRS. Clearly inspired by the theory of cosmic inflation, it was very popular in dance clubs way back when I was a graduate student living in Brighton, then it got into the charts and climbed to Number 1 thus endowing MARRS with the status of One Hit Wonder. I was shocked when I realised that all this happened in 1987, before most of my students were born. Sigh. Anyway, it was nice to see the cute video again so I thought I’d share it for the benefit of other oldies out there, with the excuse that it’s slightly space-related. Try playing “spot-the-sample” as the record plays – it’s entirely cobbled together from bits of other tracks..

One Response to “Pump up the Volume”

  1. Daniel Mortlock Says:

    Ah, happy memories – I first encountered this in ’88 when I, as teenager, was getting seriously into (rock/pop) music. At the time I couldn’t stand it as I wanted guitars, melody and singing . . . but I’ve come to really like it in the time since. I haven’t played “spot the sample”, but note that Wikipedia’s page for the song has what looks like a very complete list.

    One other memory I have of the song – or, really, the act – was one boy who’d diligently drawn “M|A|R|R|S” on his school record book in between the inevitable “Pink Floyd”, “The Doors” and “Hendrix lives” messages. He thought he was v cool until someone pointed out that ‘Pump Up The Volume’ was always going to be the full extent of their output.

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